Descriptions of Prior Meetings and Related Documents

SeaSPIN Presentation Archive:

2019 Meetings

2018 Meetings

2017 Meetings

  • February: PsyPhilProg: Intersections of Three Sciences
    Presented by Ted Neward - Presentation Slides

  • March: Is Your Strategy Clear and Visible?
    Presented by Paul Osborn and Dave Nave

  • April: Give Control, Create Leaders: Teaching "Bosses" to be Leaders
    Presented by Adam Yuret

  • May: To Scale Agile you need to be an Iron Chef
    Presented by Joel Bancroft-Connors - Presentation Slides

  • June: The Past, Present and Future of Management
    Presented by Julie Wester

  • August: How to Survive and Thrive on Self-Organizing Teams
    Presented by Louise Penberthy - Presentation Slides (external link to Prezi)

  • September: Agile Product Management
    Presented by Luniel de Beer

  • October: Why Isn't Lean/Agile/Scrum/Devops the Way We All Work and What Comes Next?
    Presented by Adam Yuret - Presentation Slides

  • November: How to Measure User Sentiment to Prioritize Your Product Backlog
    Presented by Peter Moon - Presentation Slides

  • December: Packing For An Agile Software Release: A Hiker's Guide
    Presented by Dawn Hemminger - Presentation Slides

2016 Meetings

  • January: The Art of the Retrospective
    Presented by Dawn Hemminger

  • February: Are We Agile Yet?
    Presented by Jeff Smith

  • March: Get Out of Technical Debt
    Presented by Steve Kuo

  • April: SCRUM for Non-Profits
    Presented by William Newing

  • May: FAST Agile
    Presented by Ron Quartel

  • June: Shipping Kiwi Dials
    Presented by Peter Moon

  • July: The Agile Leadership Kata
    Presented by Tom Perry - Presentation Slides

  • August: Developing an Effective Emergency Communication System
    Presented by Steve Meyers

  • September: Probabilistic Forecasting using data: How to measure how long, how fast and how probable your delivery will be
    Presented by Adam Yuret & Troy Magennis

  • October: Risk Based Testing - Pragmatic Implementation In an Agile Group
    Presented by Geoffrey Morris - Presentation Slides

2015 Meetings

  • January: Software Project Survival: Revisited
    Presented by Steve Tockey

  • March: Linking Strategy to Execution: Designing Business Value into the Backlog
    Presented by Peter Moon

  • May: We're agile now. We don't need any managers!
    Presented by Adam Yuret

  • June: Agreement, the heart of agile and lean
    Presented by Michael Tardiff

  • July: Liberating Structures
    Presented by S. Fisher Qua

  • September: Art of Code Review

  • October: Create CLEAN Code
    Presented by David Scott Bernstein

  • November: Thinking In Community While Framing Your Project: Beyond Playing Nice
    Presented by Steve Dightman and Dave Nave

  • December: Get Past The Big Data Hype: Understand, Then Implement!
    Presented by Michael Kaufman

2014 Meetings

  • June: Moneyball for Software Projects: Agile Metrics for the Metrically Challenged
    Presented by Troy Magennis - Presentation Slides

  • August: Collaborative Design as a Practice: Five Principles for Fueling Innovation
    Presented by Peter Moon - Presentation Slides (PowerPoint slide show)

  • September: Holacracy
    Presented by Paul Osborn - Presentation Slides

  • October: Making SAFe Lean
    Presented by Al Shalloway

  • November: Follow the Safety: Why Your Last Major Transformation Actually Sucked
    Presented by Arlo Belshee

2009 Meetings

2008 Meetings

2007 Meetings

2006 Meetings

2005 Meetings

  • October: Technology Transfer: The Human Side of Changing Technology
    Presentation Slides

  • November: Case Study: Streamlining the Project Life Cycle
    Presented by Jennifer Shettleroe and Katie Moran - Presentation Slides