Collaborative Design as a Practice: Five Principles for Fueling Innovation

  • Rally Development 135 Lake St S, Suite 100 Kirkland, WA, 98033 United States

Presented by Peter Moon

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When Apple's iPod turned the mobile music player market upside down, businesses, non-profits and governments started asking themselves whether Design, which proved so remarkably effective for products, could be applied to other domains, like process, strategy, business automation or organizations. Design thinking and design practices continue to hold great appeal, but the benefits have proved elusive. Many proven design practices, such as brainstorming, prototyping and user testing are incompatible with the sensibilities and conventions of traditional business processes, such as a bias for predictability, governance and analytical thinking.

Building and managing a design capability turns out to be anything but obvious. In this talk, Peter shares a pragmatic model for design and shows how it can flourish in conventional organizations to improve collaboration, agility and creativity.

Peter Moon is a Managing Partner at Navicet, a design consultancy that helps teams develop design capabilities into a competitive advantage. Peter has over 30 years of commercial software design and IT management experience. He is a 13 year veteran of Microsoft where he held such positions as Director of Tools for North America Services, Engineering PUM, Quality Director, and Consulting Engagement Manager where he drove some of the largest services engagements in NA. While at Microsoft, Peter developed new practices for IT software design and drove global adoption for over 10,000 IT professionals. He has been a speaker at numerous industry conferences, has coached hundreds of teams to achieve better business results through proven practices in design, requirements, risk and project management and has served on Microsoft IT’s Architectural and Standards review boards. Peter launched Navicet with a group of like-minded practitioners in February, 2014 to serve customers in the Puget Sound who believe in the power of design to transform business.

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