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Presented by Paul Osborn

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Paul Osborn has just returned from Holacracy training in Philadelphia with Brian Robertson, the creator of this new management system that is being practiced by several companies, including Zappos.  Holacracy is often referred to as a 'flat' organizational structure, and this is because it is a hierarchy of roles, not a hierarchy of people.  In this talk he will cover the fundamentals of Holacracy, and how some of the main principles can be applied to a self-organizing team (such as a Scrum team).  Paul covers the subject in more detail in his new book "Succeeding with Agile Teams", available on Amazon.

Paul Osborn is quite proud of inventing agile.  He will assure you, you can invent it too. 

"I almost didn't come this month, then nearly the first thing the speaker said was the answer to the day's biggest problem."   -- Comment about a past speaker

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