What We Could/Should Measure and Why

Presented by Troy Magennis

Presentation Slides

This session will cover the types of measures to use in Agile to measure a cross-section of performance - not just delivery speed, but customer value and quality as well. Some specifics:

  • The five basic commandments of measuring teams

  • The six dimensions to measure to achieve "balance"

  • Measurement Polarities - how we can tell if we are overdoing any one metric target

  • Align and achieve intended outcomes using metrics and measurements

Troy Magennis

Troy is an experienced IT executive who has been involved in many leading software organizations over 20 years. Most recently, Troy founded Focused Objective to build and promote risk management tools that simulate and forecast software development projects and portfolios.

Technology has always been a passion for Troy. After cutting his teeth on early 8-bit personal computers, Troy moved into electronic engineering, which later led to positions in software application development, architecture and management for some of the most prominent corporations in automotive, banking, travel and online commerce.

You can reach Troy at troy.magennis@focusedobjective.com.