"Lean" - The Beginning & Scientific Foundation

Presented by Dave Nave

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'Lean' is an American term that is generally used to describe the Toyota Production System. Over the years much has been written about 'Lean', extrapolations made, misconceptions grew, and an entire industry created. However, where did this label come from?

While we are at it, lets explore other aspects of 'Lean.'

  • Why or how did 'removing waste' become the mantra of Lean? Or is it a myth?

  • Many books describe techniques of 'Lean', but what are the five principles to guide action?

  • What were Taiichi Ohno's basic beliefs used to create the Toyota Production System?

  • What is the intellectual foundation of modern improvement efforts?

We will wrap up with a powerful simulation of business results when implementing improvement in a three department organization.

Dave Nave

Dave Nave was working in the Continual Process Improvement field when 'Lean Production' was introduced to the American business lexicon. As a Management Engineer, he focuses on combining the appropriate strategy, culture, structure, processes, and values needed for organizational optimization. He guides business situations using his unique combination of Engineering - Operations background and management perspective.

Dave's background features a strong emphasis on improvement practices by connecting the fields of know-how, know-why and know-what at the personal level. He has worked as an internal and external change agent, both as an individual contributor and as part of a divisional process improvement taskforce team. Dave holds an MBA in Management Systems from Fordham University and a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology.

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