The Art of the Retrospective

Presented by Dawn Hemminger

If you’ve been on an agile team, then you’ve experienced your share of retrospectives, maybe even facilitated a few yourself. A retrospective, at its core, is time set aside to step back from the day to day to reflect on how you’re doing and to find ways to improve. With that spirit in mind, you will be immersed in an engaging real-life retrospective as you learn proven facilitation techniques that will take your next retrospective from Ho Hum to Oh Wow!

Dawn Hemminger has been an engineering professional in Seattle for over 22 years and a community organizer for the last 10. Her uniquely diverse professional and volunteer experience has led her to many different interests ranging from training airline mechanics to leading community building workshops, solving complex technical problems for customers to building neighborhood parks. Having worked within large, complex companies (public and private) and working to bring together disparate organizations within City government, she have gained unique practical experience on how to build great teams and guide them to success.

Later Event: February 2
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