Is Your Strategy Clear and Visible?

Presented by Paul Osborn and Dave Nave

Come to the March 7th SeaSpin meeting to learn how a series of Lean Agile Roundtable sessions revealed that many business owners were exploring Lean/Agile techniques to enhance or overcome business issues. This insight led to a business systems capability assessment structure, then to a method for communicating strategy to the workforce. Not how to create strategy, but how to communication the company's existing strategy.

Ultimately our communication method led to a book titled: A Guide To The Balanced Hoshin: A Better Way to Plan and Execute Strategy. A book intended to help capture and align strategic elements into a coherent picture, make it visible so everyone can see it and simple enough so everyone can understand it.

Paul Osborn and Dave Nave

Paul Osborn is President of The Agile PMO, and Dave Nave is owner of Dave Nave & Associates. Both are dedicated to constructive intervention and are passionate about aligning management practices and structure to create dynamic and meaningful change.