Give Control, Create Leaders: Teaching "Bosses" to be leaders

Presented by Adam Yuret

Some schools of Lean talk about "Leader Standard Work" but this term is often misunderstood to mean "Leader Standard Practices". In order to effectively lead people we must know how to serve them. Agile has used the term "servant leader" for some time now, but if you understand leadership you know that term is redundant.

Strategic leaders understand what the purpose of not only their own position is but the purpose of their organization. They understand what gets their employees out of bed and through the front door of the office every morning and works hard to support those people.

In this session we're going to learn how to be an effective leader using "leader standard work" unlike any you've ever seen before. We'll learn exactly what managers, directors and VPs in effective agile organizations do to help their reports, and how to adapt the work of David Marquet to software organizations.

Adam Yuret

Adam is an Exec Consultant, Portfolio/Program, and Systems Thinker at Context-driven Agility Consulting.  He has over 14 years of experience working in commercial and non-profit software engineering. In 2008 Adam discovered the complexities inherent in transitioning an enterprise software organization to a Scrum framework. 

Context Driven Agility is how Adam helps organizations achieve big-picture alignment in order to help grow what he calls "humanistic lean flow-based systems" which means synthesizing the leading ideas in lean portfolio prioritization and evolutionary approaches like Kanban to not only help organizations better understand the complexities inherent in human systems but empowering teams to solve them, collaboratively. Context Driven Agility has used these approaches to great effect at several organizations including Wal-Mart, Alaska Airlines, and Nike.