To Scale Agile You Need to be an Iron Chef

Presented by Joel Bancroft-Connors

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We've got a whole smorgasbord of ingredients that can go into a scaled agile transformation. Coaching, education, metrics, mentoring, what agile framework to use and more make up the various parts of a transformation.

Being a recovering PMP (It's been eight years since I used a Gantt chart), I used to think there was one way to execute a plan. You started with a charter and went through the phases.

Only no two organizations are the same. No one process flow can address every situation you might face as an agile coach.

Which is why I stopped using a playbook and started using a cookbook. Like an Iron Chef, I get to know my ingredients very well. I understand who my judges (teams and stakeholders) are and I tailor how I introduce and prepare my ingredients to best meet the needs of my audience.

And as I've mastered my Agile Cookbook, I've discovered five key ingredients that make up the vast majority of all agile transformation dishes I have served.

So come learn what my Iron Agile secret ingredients are and see if they'll help you be the next Iron Agilist.

Joel Bancroft-Connors

Joel Bancroft-Connors is a professional Gorilla talker, tackling tough issues no one wants to deal with that are killing our teams and organizations. He is dedicated to solving challenges associated with enterprise programs and projects. With over 20 years of experience managing programs he has learned that  the most successful are those associated with lean and agile techniques. Having worked in roles like customer support, product management, and program management, Joel understands challenges across the business, helping organizations navigate change while guiding teams to happiness. He's passionate about making the world a better place and uses his coaching and facilitation as the vehicle for change.