The Past, Present and Future of Management

Presented by Julia Wester

Management is a hot topic in corporate America these days. We have a love/hate relationship with managers and are hard pressed to agree on much about them. What should they do? What should they be called? Do we even need them at all?

Having spent so much of my professional career in a management role, this is a topic that is extremely interesting and personal to me. As I waded through an identity crisis caused by the "death to managers" movement, I began to study the art of management and have learned quite a lot from the writings of Frederick Winslow Taylor, Abraham Maslow and Peter Drucker.

I invite you to join me to learn about major points in the history of management, discuss how the function has improved (or not), and generate ideas about how management should evolve to meet the needs of the future.

Julia Wester

Julia Wester is dedicated to teaching others how they can tame the chaos of everyday work by embracing transparency and continuous improvement. She is also passionate about studying and practicing the art of management with a goal of helping us learn from the past, improve the present and shape the future of how we work.

Julia currently works at LeanKit as an Executive Consultant and Manager of the Customer Education team and brings 17 years of experience working in and managing teams. You can keep up with Julia's inner musings through her blog,, and by following her on twitter where she is known as @everydaykanban.