Data Privacy Practices and Challenges In The Era of Big Data

Presented by Becky Yoose

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The recent revelations of Cambridge Analytica’s collection and use of Facebook data started a new round of debates about the role of data privacy in the everyday use of various technologies. Many applications and software products are free to use, but the cost to a person of using the application is the data collected on the person using it. Many users, as well as the technology workers who build and maintain these applications, are not aware of or fully understand the extent of this collection, and the repercussions if the data they provide to these applications is mishandled. This talk will explore how technology workers can incorporate data privacy principles and practices into their products, as well as gain a better understanding about how to balance data privacy and analysis in their work.

Becky Yoose

Becky Yoose is the Library Applications and Systems Manager at The Seattle Public Library. Her work and interests fall into the many intersections of technology and libraries. This ranges from the practicalities of how technology has changed the culture and function of modern librarianship to library data privacy practices. You can find Becky on Twitter at @yo_bj.


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