Facilitated by Julia Wester and Adam Yuret

Slides from the meeting

In this month’s session, Julia Wester and Adam Yuret will be facilitating a multi-round Kanban simulation called Featureban.

Featureban is a fun way for small groups to learn about key principles of Kanban by using them! Rather than hearing a lecture about Kanban, you learn by doing!

The game starts simple with visual management (iteration 1); after that we layer on things like WIP limits (iteration 2) and metrics (iteration 3). This incremental approach is very much by design and you can further iterate as time and desire allows.

Featureban is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. As customization is encouraged, you can update it for your needs, facilitate it, and share it back to the community! 

Julia Wester

Julia is the co-founder of Lagom Solutions, a Lean/Agile consulting and training company that benefits from her 17 years of experience working in and managing teams at Turner Broadcasting, F5 Networks and LeanKit. Julia is passionate about teaching others how to tame the chaos of everyday work by embracing transparency, continuous improvement and a lagom mindset, as well as talking about how management doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Julia blogs at everydaykanban.com and tweets at @everydaykanban.  Don't forget to visit https://lagom.solutions to see what Julia and Lagom Solutions can do for you!

Adam Yuret

Adam is an Exec Consultant, Portfolio/Program, and Systems Thinker.  He has over 14 years of experience working in commercial and non-profit software engineering. 

Context Driven Agility is how Adam helps organizations achieve big-picture alignment in order to help grow what he calls "humanistic lean flow-based systems" which means synthesizing the leading ideas in lean portfolio prioritization and evolutionary approaches like Kanban to not only help organizations better understand the complexities inherent in human systems but empowering teams to solve them, collaboratively. 

Later Event: March 6
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