Packing for an Agile Software Release: A Hiker's Guide

Presented by Dawn Hemminger

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Intimidated by planning an Agile software release for your team? Don't be! Rest easy and use the same steps I use when planning for a release. Think of it like planning for a hiking adventure with friends! We will ORGANIZE our gear, SCHEDULE our trip, PLAN for the future by learning from our history, PACK our bags, and GO! Then we'll SHARE our own personal experiences, as I hope to learn from you! So whether you're a novice or a pro, you'll gain tips and techniques to plan your next Agile software release. Let's share in this adventure together.   

Dawn Hemminger

Dawn Hemminger is an Agile Software Release Manager and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) at the University of Washington (UW). She brings 20+ years of engineering leadership, systems service, training and quality assurance expertise in the aeronautical and software industry as well as 10+ years working as a community organizer and workshop leader. Her unique and diverse background in both the private and public sector demonstrates her strengths and accomplishments in planning, coaching, transparency, collaboration and implementation. She has a proven track record of building great teams and guides them to success. Most recently, she managed UW's Enterprise Integration Platform (EIP) team to launch the enterprise HR system to campus. When not evangelizing Agile and Lean practices, you can find Dawn hiking the beautiful trails of the Pacific Northwest. She currently resides in the historic Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA.