Agile Product Management

Presented by Luniel de Beer

Agile Product Management is the key realizing business value faster with predictability, sustainability and high quality. Yet many organizations are still operating with a mixed collection of Agile and outdated traditional techniques, focused mainly on agile project and development task management.  This is not their fault because as an industry we've led them to believe that if they do this, everything else will become apparent and we can fix it.  

What has become apparent is that we need to pay attention to product management instead, not in the project management sense, but in the business value realization sense.  Learning from Business Architecture and Behavior Driven Development, while paying attention to goals and decision-making responsibilities for the purpose of role definition and responsibility scaling, seems to provide the first keys to unlocking the solution that have remained just out of most organizations' reach for some time now.

Luniel de Beer

Luniel de Beer is a former Business and Technology Product Manager.  At Net Objectives he has been working on solving the Agile Product Management dilemma with colleagues and clients for almost two years, and they've started achieving some remarkable successes and breakthroughs in this space.  Luniel will be joining us to share some of the insights they've gained and the approaches they're taking that have led to this success.