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Welcome to SeaSPIN

Free and open to all the Software Development community, our group is comprised of local practitioners, students, academics, and leaders in IT and Software Development. We meet monthly and invite you to join us!

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September 1 Topic: Art of Code Review

Want code quality? Just ask: The Art of the Code Review

Today, too many projects, both open and closed source, suffer from lack of quality. Most of us know the importance of testing to our development processes, but code review is something that is often overlooked or misunderstood. What does it mean to review code? Find bugs? Complain about tabs vs. spaces? Or something more? 

Code review is about quality, humility and sanity checks. A good one takes skill. Here are tips found useful over the years doing code reviews while moving a large part of Comcast over to pre-commit code reviews using git and gerrit. Team by team, these helped transition developers from a culture of not reviewing code to making code reviews and testing second nature.

Trevor stresses how much good code review practice changes the way we work for the better, and loves the opportunity to share that knowledge with the world.                      

Trevor Lalish-Menagh is a lead software engineer at thePlatform where he leads a small team of engineers and testers to create the backend systems that run a large part of the online video offerings available on the Internet today. He is passionate about adapting processes to fit the team and achieving high code quality. Trevor has spoken nationally on topics of agile, kanban, testing, and code quality.               

Location: thePlatform
1000 2nd Avenue, Seattle

5:30 - Pizza and networking, pizza supplied by thePlatform, Thank You!
6:45 - Presentation begins
8:30 - end of evening

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