Here Be Dragons: Agile versus Distributed

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Here Be Dragons: Agile versus Distributed
by Arun Kumar, CEO - Kerika

The intersection of “agile” and “distributed teams” has long been a treacherous place for software teams.  Traditional Scrum teaching shuns the notion of distributed agile teams, so when its out of your hands ("make it distributed and make it Scrum"), there were few places to go for practical guidance, much less useful tools and best practices.

Purists would say the answer is simple: pick one — make it distributed or make it agile. But that’s not a viable answer any more: distributed teams are showing up in organizations of every kind — private sector, public sector and nonprofits — alongside a range of Agile/Lean methodologies.  We need pragmatic solutions to the unique collaboration and process management problems faced by distributed agile teams.

Arun will draw on his experience with both distributed and agile teams to describe some approaches and techniques that work better than others.


Speaker Bio

Arun, founder and CEO of Kerika, has delivered innovation in software and financial services for nearly three decades, across four continents.  At Onvia, Arun was responsible for setting up offshore development teams while simultaneously transforming IT from waterfall to Scrum, all in a SharePoint/TFS environment: an experience that motivated him to design and build Kerika as the world’s first task board designed specially for distributed agile teams.

Earlier adventures include serving as a board director for a startup based in Stockholm (while living in Seattle); creating Europe’s first fully electronic, cross-border stock exchange; developing E-Business strategy for Morgan Stanley in the New York and London; developing a consulting business across Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore; building Argentina’s first digital trading room; and building desktop products for German markets.

In addition to his day job as CEO of Kerika, Arun is also Chair for the Startup Programs at TiE Seattle, where he organizes monthly tutorials and networking meetings for local entrepreneurs.  You can follow Arun @kerika.